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Medina December Students of the Month Announced

February 2, 2016

The Medina Teachers Association and the Medina Business Association are proud to announce the December selections for Students of the Month. This award is a joint effort between the two organizations to recognize students who go above and beyond to help teachers and fellow students succeed and enjoy school.

In the photo are from left to right: Tim Elliott, Crystal Elliott, Kali Schrader, Dominic Amrhein, Mitchell Silversmith, and Joe Byrne.


Brushstrokes Studio has graciously sponsored the award for December. This month students are being honored with this article and a Certificate of Achievement from the Medina Teachers' Association presented by President Joseph Byrne. In addition, Brushstrokes Studio awarded each of this month's winners gift certificates to the studio.

Nominated by Allison Woodburn and Elaine Ryan of Oak Orchard was first grader Dominic Amrhein. Mrs. Woodburn and Mrs. Ryan shared that Dominic deserves to be Student of the Month because he has overcome personal loss and used his circumstances in a positive way to help others, be a kind friend, and show empathy to others who may be struggling in the same manner. "Dominic's smile and positive attitude light up our classroom! He is always the first student to clap or congratulate another student for a job well done. Dominic impresses me both with his social skills and his effort. If I have to work one-on-one with him to help him understand a lesson, he keeps trying and never gives up. He is determined to do his best work and will keep working on the same problem until it is correct and meets my expectations. He never gets discouraged when completing work! He sets a great example for others in our class, by showing others with hard work and determination, you can do anything!"

From Wise Middle School, Kristen Armenia nominated one of her seventh grade students, Mitchell Silversmith. When Mrs. Armenia indicated her reasons for nominating Mitchell, she said that Mitchell is seated with a student with very special needs. Daily, when Mitchell finishes his project tasks, he assists his seat partner to accomplish his. Mitchell has never been asked to assist his partner, he just took on the responsibility on his own.

From the High School, Kali Shrader, a ninth grader, was nominated by Gianna Sargent. Mrs. Sargent reports Kali has been a tremendous help to Student Association even though she is not a member. Every year, the students at Oak Orchard write letters to Santa. The Student Association members then pose as Santa's elves and write a response letter to EVERY student. This takes a huge amount of time. Kali stayed after to school all week and helped write letters so the kids would not be disappointed. She ended up writing around 30 letters herself! Our members are very busy students involved in all sorts of activities, so without Kali's help, they would not have gotten the task done. She is a model of kindness and compassion.

Congratulations to this month's winners! The MTA and the MBA will continue the student of the month program throughout the school year. Be on the lookout for the next honorees in the coming months. Look for posters in the windows of Medina businesses identifying them as proud supporters of this program. Who will be the next outstanding Medina student to be honored?

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