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Oak Orchard Shows They Have Heart

March 11, 2019
Press Release

The students at Oak Orchard have raised over $1,500 for the American Heart Association for the Kids Heart Challenge.

Physical Education teacher, Pam Maryjanowski, says "We have been very fortunate in our community as far as the generosity from our kids and their families. We have been doing this for seven to eight years now. It is great for our kids because we talk about healthy heart as far as what is a healthy heart and what does it mean if you don't. We talk about nutrition and what are the right kinds of foods."

Lois Jackson, Madison Voss, Keren Sanchez Cabrera and Riley Holmes.


Aleigha Sootheran, Jackson Pifer and Aaron Horton.


As an added bonus, to thank the school for raising money for their cause, the American Heart Association gives back so that the school can buy more equipment. "It's a win-win for everybody," says Mrs. Maryjanowski.

Jaime Perez in rings, Jayda McKee in background and Hannah Richardson in hurdles.


Jaiden Adams




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