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Local Author Shares Book and Inspiration with Oak Orchard Students

March 15, 2018
Press Release

Buffalo author Sarah Klaiber spent some time with students at Medina's Oak Orchard Elementary School recently. She read her book "Treasures" and talked about the importance of appreciating things that are often taken for granted.

"This is my first book," says Ms. Klaiber. "I don't know if there will be any more in my future, but I plan on expand on the message of "Treasures". It was inspired by a mental wellness journey that I started five years ago. I started taking better care of myself and doing something finally that I loved to do, which is writing. I found my children, who always make me happy, and writing, which I love, were the birth of "Treasures". My message to little ones is that they can look around and see treasures every day and i'’s okay to be blue every now and then. My heart just turns to mush listening to the little ones talk about what are their treasures. To see them reflecting on what makes them happy is great. I get a lot of thank you letters from parents for such a simple, meaningful and often overlooked message. I really appreciate the opportunity to be here to share it with the students."

Front Row (LtoR): Payton Denniston, Elise Olsen and Sophie Kroening. Back Row: Jackson Reese, Molly DeBottis, Robert Clute and Sarah Klaiber.


Molly DeBottis, the librarian at Oak Orchard, was instrumental in getting Ms. Klaiber to come for a visit. "Someone brought me her flyer when she was speaking at Roy-Hart and I got in contact with her and since she was a local author and priced reasonably it worked out to have her at the school. Her book is very appropriate for grades K-2. It's a great picture book. I think it is very exciting and a good opportunity to hear firsthand the process of writing a book. It get the kids excited about reading. I think it is great." Principal, Julie Webber, added, "I think it is a great opportunity for students to see the full circle of writing; that there is a person behind the book, who writes the book. She can talk to the students about what her message is, in addition to hearing the author read the book herself."



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