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April 5, 2016
Press Release

The Medina Teachers Association and the Medina Business Association are proud to announce the February selections for Students of the Month. This award is a joint effort between the two organizations to recognize students who go above and beyond to help teachers and fellow students succeed and enjoy school.

Wide Angle Art Gallery has graciously sponsored the award for February. This month students are being honored with this article and a Certificate of Achievement from the Medina Teachers' Association presented by President Joseph Byrne. In addition, Wide Angle Art Gallery awarded each of this month's winners with gift bags containing art supplies.

In the photo from left to right are: Tom Zangerle, Kali Worley, Bobbie Jean Evers, and Joe Byrne.


Nominated by Judy Jennings of Oak Orchard was second grader Penelope Schalck. Mrs. Jennings shared that Penelope deserves to be Student of the Month because she is a very hard working and serious student. "She is self-motivated and goes above and beyond expectations in the classroom and at home. She accepts a challenge and will not quit until the job is complete. Penelope is helpful to other students in the class, and encourages them to do their best. Penelope is also a good friend and a great role model to her peers. Her wonderful attitude and love of learning can be observed every day."

From Wise Intermediate and Middle School Sharon Pantera nominated one of her seventh grade students, Bobbie Jean Evers. When Mrs. Pantera indicated her reasons for nominating Bobbie Jean she said that "Bobbie Jean has been an inspiration to her classroom. In a classroom riddled with a variety of challenging behaviors, Bobbie Jean has remained composed, well behaved, and encouraging to the other students from the first day of school. She always offers advice, or is a shoulder to her peers whenever needed. At minimum, she remains an exemplary role model for all students in the room. She is honest, and trustworthy, always. I could trust Bobbie Jean enough to give her the keys to my car, and lock up my purse.... (if I wanted to)! Although Bobbie Jean has academic struggles, she never gives up. She tries to do the best, and has made huge gains in all areas this year. She always participates in class, completes all of her work, and even does extra. She always goes the extra mile. When her work is completed, she asks if there is anything else that she might work on. On the very rare opportunities that students earn some free game time, Bobbie will use that time to offer her assistance to other students who are struggling, and attempts to tutor them in a reading or math assignment. I couldn't ask for a better student than Bobbie Jean. I am not sure if I have ever had one."

From the High School, Kali Worley, an eighth grader, was nominated by Dawn Morse. Mrs. Morse indicated that she thinks Kali should be student of the month for demonstrating excellent character for a peer. "A peer shared with her that the other student did not have many clothes or shoes. Kali offered to provide clothes and shoes from her own wardrobe or from her church. She handled a very sensitive subject with the utmost respect and understanding. I was thoroughly impressed with her ability to empathize and support her peer. In addition, she has made a great effort to be more organized and on top of her assignments. She has taken more responsibility for her learning and is being more independent. She has truly grown as a person and academically."

Congratulations to this month's winners! The MTA and the MBA will continue the student of the month program throughout the school year. Be on the lookout for the next honorees in the coming months. Look for posters in the windows of Medina businesses identifying them as proud supporters of this program. Who will be the next outstanding Medina student to be honored?

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