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Medina High School Students Say Bonjour and Hola

May 8, 2018
Press Release

The Medina High School Library was recently transformed for two days into some pretty exotic locales. For Spanish teacher, Alexandra Peracciny and her students, it became Peru. When it was French teacher, Samantha Szeluga's turn, her students visited the small African country of Djibouti.

(LtoR) Drummers in "Djibouti" provided entertainment: Emma Baldwin, Ben Zakes and CJ Cruickshank.


Some of the students roleplayed being residents of the countries, including customs, bankers, musicians, wait staff and language police, and others were tourists who got to experience the sights, sounds and food of their destinations. It was all part of Immersion Day which was created to give the students cultural experiences and help them to practice their conversational language skills.

Art Gallery manager in Peru is Hannah Mahnke.


Ms. Szeluga says the Immersion Day was the best one yet. "We had over 20 students working, which meant we were able to offer lots of activities and no one could get away with speaking English!" Mrs. Peracciny echoed her feelings. "It was great. Our students did a great job of speaking Spanish to each other all day every class period. The Spanish IV and V students worked very hard to prepare for this day and outdid themselves!"


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