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Making Ready the Cannon

May 23, 2019
Press Release

Students from Medina High School did their part today to make ready the cannon for re-dedication on Memorial Day.

Three 'Wine and Roses' Weigela flowering shrubs were planted behind the new flagpoles at the newly renovated World War I memorial. The shrubs will grow to 4' x 4' with rosy-pink flowers appearing in late spring and summer and dark purple foliage.

The shrubs were planted as part of Mustangs Make An Impact activities. Students on site today were Daniel Mandujano Mandujano, Mary Mandujano Mandujano and Christopher Goyette with MHS staff supervisors Gordy Luthart and Karen Jones.

MHS student Daniel Mandujano Mandujano and supervisor Gordy Luthart


"Once those shrubs mature, they're really going to make a beautiful impact," said Chris Busch of the Orleans Renaissance Group. ORG is working with the American Legion and Veteran's of Foreign Wars Posts to to facilitate the site improvements.

"In years to come, those students will be able to look at the work they did today with pride, knowing that they contributed to this very special event in Medina's history," said Busch. "We're grateful for their effort and proud to have the students here today."

MHS "Mustangs Make An Impact" team Christopher Goyette, Mary Mandujano Mandujano and Daniel Mandujano Mandujano


The newly refurbished historic artillery piece recently arrived back in Medina after having been away for over a year undergoing a massive restoration. Local benefactor and businessman, George Bidleman covered the entire cost of the work to the cannon.

Three new flagpoles have recently been installed on site- one for an American Flag, signifying the soldiers of Medina who served and gave their lives in France during the Great War, one for a British flag, signifying the gun's heritage, and one for a French flag, signifying the theater of service for the big gun and our local soldiers. New lighting to up-light both the cannon and the flags will also be installed shortly.

Newly planted flowering shrubs at the WWI memorial in State Street Park


The memorial will be re-dedicated as part of special expanded Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremonies at 12:00 noon in State Street Park.



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