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Medina Students Meet Wrestling Champion

September 18, 2016

Two Medina students, Dominick and Logan Callara, had a chance to meet a wrestling legend recently; Jordan Burroughs, who is an Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion and National Champion.

Mr. Burroughs was recently at a wrestling clinic at the University at Buffalo (UB) where the two boys, who are in the modified wrestling program at Medina Clifford Wise Middle School and coached by Christian Held, had the chance to meet him and get his autograph.

Dominick Callara, Jordan Burroughs and Logan Callara


Mr. Held says that the modified wrestling program is for 7th and 8th graders and has 20 athletes participating this year. "Modified wrestling teaches basic wrestling skills and the rules of wrestling. They compete in shorter matches, but follow all standard wrestling rules. Our main goal of our modified program is to prepare new and young wrestlers to compete at a varsity level when they get to high school."

Mr. Held invited all this athletes to attend the wrestling clinic at UB where Mr. Burroughs spent two hours showing wrestling moves and answering questions from the audience. Dominick was thrilled to have the champion sign his headgear. "It was a great clinic," says Mr. Held. "It was an honor to learn new things from one of the greats in our sport. Most consider Mr. Burroughs to be the greatest wrestler in the USA right now."



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