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Medina Schools Announce Students of the Month

October 25, 2018
Press Release

The Medina Teachers Association, Medina Central School, and the Medina Business Association are proud to announce the October selections for Students of the Month. This award is a joint effort between the three organizations to recognize students who go above and beyond to help teachers and fellow students succeed and enjoy school.

Bank of Castile has graciously sponsored the award for October. This month students are being honored with this article, a Certificate of Achievement from the Medina Teachers' Association presented by President Joseph Byrne and Medina CSD Superintendent, Mark Kruzynski, presented a special pen and pencil. In addition, Bank of Castile representative Patrick Weissend presented each of this month's winners with a Halloween themed gift bag,which contained treats, pencils, a tee shirt and a gift certificate to the Book Shoppe in town.

From left to right are Mark Kruzynski Superintendent of MCSD, Madison Bielak, Patrick Weissend of Bank of Castile, Jafar-Sadik Quddus, and Joe Byrne MTA President.


Nominated by Shannon Markarian of Oak Orchard was first grader Jafar-Sadik Quddus. Mrs. Markarian shared that Jafar-Sadik is a very sweet boy who is respectful, kind, and polite to all of his classmates and teachers. He is the first person to give someone a pencil or crayon when they need one. He is always ready to learn and prepared and focused on lessons. He comes in when the bell rings, gives me a hug, and helps kids who have trouble taking down their chairs or hanging up their backpacks, even though he's tiny and also struggles with these tasks. I really just can't say enough good things about him.

From Wise Middle School Kari Webster nominated one of her sixth grade students, Jackson Caldwell. When Mrs. Webster indicated her reasons for nominating Jackson, she shared that throughout the september schedule changes in 6th grade, he was very helpful acclimating new students to our homeroom and ELA classes, particularly with one of my students that speaks very little English. Jackson made sure to get him set up, logged into his computer with the necessary passwords and codes before I even made it over to help him. Throughout the day he checks on him and helps him read his schedule to make sure that he gets to the right place. No matter what, Jackson takes care of this student first, and then gets himself ready, all while maintaining his composure and is still ready himself before we begin class. His thoughtfulness and willing to help others makes me so proud to have him in my classes. He truly embodies our Mustang Creed of respecting self and others, and taking care of our school, ourselves and each other.

From the High School, Madison Bielak, a senior, was nominated by Rachael Rutledge. Miss Rutledge reports that Madison is very concerned about all those around her and tries her best to help everyone she meets. She consistently reminds students and teachers of which day of the schedule it is and what part of the period (A or B). She greets others in the hallway, often by name. She is the first person in the classroom to volunteer to help with tasks like closing the door, turning on or off the lights, and opening or closing the windows. She asks students if they are ok and inquires about students when they are missing. She is quick to praise others when she sees them accomplishing tasks, frequently telling them they are doing a nice job whenever she observes success. She loves to see others smile and will tell jokes or laugh when she is trying to cheer other people. She invites others to join her at her lunch table or whenever she is doing something fun, like playing a game or going for a walk. Madison is a delightful person to work with and demonstrates true concern for all those around her!

Congratulations to this month's winners! The MTA, MCSD, and the MBA will continue the student of the month program throughout the school year. Be on the lookout for the next honorees in the coming months. Look for posters in the windows of Medina businesses identifying them as proud supporters of this program. Who will be the next outstanding Medina student to be honored?



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