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Sigmamotor Inc. Donates Seven Machines to BOCES Program

November 12
Press Release

Sigmamotor Inc. has donated seven Haas CNC machines to the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) Program at Orleans Career and Technical Education Center.

Bill Rakonczay, who teaches the Orleans/Niagara BOCES program, says he is very appreciative of all the support that Middleport based company has given his students throughout the years. "It gives my students more of an opportunity to work with the latest equipment in our field. It will help prepare my students for the workforce or continuing their studies. I cannot thank them enough for their generosity."

First row left to right: Miguel Aybar (Lockport), Josephine McCanna (Lockport), Madison Bale (Orleans County Christian School), Shayanne Ettinger (Newfane). Second Row left to right: Mr. Rakonczay (AME Teacher) Kevin Clayton (Medina), Skyler Munn (Lyndonville), Luke Smeal (Lockport), Cal Stinson Jr. (Lyndonville), Eliza Church (Lockport), Caleb Boyce (Medina). Dr. Michael Weyrauch (Career and Technical Education Director). Back row left to right: Triston Heschke (Sigma) Donnie Heschke (Sigma), Pete Cummings (Sigma) Mike Heschke (Sigma) Chris Donahue (Sigma) Matt Borrowiak (Lockport), Coy Loyzelle (Lockport) and Trey VerCruysse (Lyndonville).


Owner Don Heschke said he believed it was important to donate the equipment so the students could continue their learning. "This program is awesome. We have been working with them for a while and we shadow some of the students and I wanted them to explore and get out into the world with what they learn," Heschke said. "I want to give everybody a chance to expand upon their learning and give the class some new stuff so more students can work more."


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