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Building Trades and Electricity Students Undergo OSHA Training

November 17, 2017
Press Release

Trainers from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) recently paid a visit to the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center to talk to students in the Building Trades and Electricity/Electronics programs.

OSHA works with the public to promote safe, healthy and secure workplaces and enhance workers' voice on the job. Since 2003, the alliance has trained more than 8,000 students in the fundamentals of construction safety and health. Training covers the importance of workplace safety, recognition of the major hazards in construction work and building a safety culture within an organization. The instructional base of the safety and health training now includes building trades students and contractors.

Tom Glomb and Gordon Delay with teacher Bill Leggett and students in Building Trades and Electricity/Electronics programs.


Building Trades teacher, Matt Anastasi, took OSHA trainings with Tom Glomb, which allows him to train Orleans/Niagara BOCES employees and students. "He mentioned to me that he had formed an alliance with OSHA and his company, Lehigh Construction, and that they offered these trainings to many other BOCES programs. So I asked him to be a guest presenter because I knew he would offer a unique view of safety perspectives," says Mr. Anastasi. "Gordon Delays has incredible knowledge and training as an OSHA inspector so he is able to give insights as to what a tremendous resource OSHA can be for the workforce, employers and owners in construction."

Mr. Delay brought in many training pieces in fall protection since falls are the number one area of accidents and deaths on a worksite. Students had a chance to try on the protection harnesses. Mr. Glomb talked to the students about his company's approach to safety and how successful it has been. He told them that they noticed more productivity and lower insurance premiums due to a safer workplace.

Mr. Anastasi and Electricity/Electronics teacher, Bill Leggett, were glad to be able to offer their students a ten hour OSHA Construction Industry training. This type of training is mandatory to work on any commercial or industrial worksite. "The card that I will issue will allow our students that ability upon graduation," says Mr. Anastasi. "Many employers are excited to see the students have already received this training as they know that they have made safety a priority."



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