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Medina Schools Announce November Students of the Month

December 2
Press Release

The Medina Teachers Association, the Medina School District and the Medina Business Association are proud to announce the November selections for Students of the Month. This award is a combined effort of these organizations to recognize students who go above and beyond to help teachers and fellow students succeed and enjoy school.

Filomena's Favorites has graciously sponsored the award for November. This month students are being honored with this article, a Certificate of Achievement from the Medina Teachers' Association presented by President Joseph Byrne and Medina CSD representative, Daniel Doctor, presented a special pen and pencil. In addition, Filomena's Favorites representative Danette Oakes presented each of this month's winners with an Avanti gift card, a large candy bar, and various other candies.

From left to right are: Dan Doctor MCSD Community Outreach Liasion, Danette Oakes of Filomena's Favorites, Steven Gobeli, Gavonni Holloway, Rashawn Bloom, and MTA President Joe Byrne


Nominated by Allison Woodburn and Allison Harmon of Oak Orchard was first-grader Gavonni Holloway. Mrs. Woodburn shared that "Gavonni has worked hard to become a respectful, responsible, honest, and kind student this year. She has improved her behavior tremendously and is now working hard on every assignment willingly and happily. She tries her best on everything to make her parents and teachers proud of her. Gavonni participates in class discussions, works well with her peers, and enjoys school. One thing that sticks out to me is that Gavonni goes out of her way to show kindness to others. If she sees other students who are in need of help, she will stop what she is doing to help them. She allows students to go in front of her in line, she always tries to include everyone in group activities, and she even tries to clean up our school when she sees garbage on the ground. I have been told several times that she picks up paper towels in the bathroom or garbage on the floor in the cafeteria. Gavonni is trying her absolute best to make good choices and show responsibility even when the teacher isn't around. Gavonni has been caught by other adults in the school walking responsibly and doing the right thing when she has been by herself returning a book to the library or going to the bathroom. She is a role model student, and I am so very proud of her!" Mrs. Harmon also shared that "Gavonni shows respect, responsibility, honesty, and kindness on a daily basis. Mrs. Woodburn calls her, her "little teacher" because she is so helpful in the room. I'm so proud of the progress that Gavonni has made at Oak Orchard Elementary."

From Wise Middle School Maria Lemme nominated one of her fourth-grade students, Steven Gobeli . When Mrs. Lemme indicated her reasons for nominating Steven, she shared that "he is in 4th grade but could pass for a 5th or 6th grader based on his maturity and responsibility. I've only known Steven less than a month, and I've already been able to witness him in many different roles. First, he is quite the leader! He does not follow the crowd and maintains his focus on schoolwork throughout the school day. Sometimes, he can even help another student who is off-task refocus! For example, Steven always has the option to complete his writing assignments in a flexible seating option. While most students choose to sit on the library rug in hopes of sitting near some of their friends, Steven uses other flexible seating options where he knows he will do his best work. In my opinion, it is HUGE that a 4th grader is able to make that decision on his own without being told. In addition to being a leader, Steven is kind, polite, honest, humble and very helpful to me and his classmates. He is always willing to help a friend open their locker, pick up someone else's materials off the floor, or help a friend with math problems. Although it's only been a month into school, students in our classroom have needed seat changes. I have been able to put students who need help focusing next to Steven and he encourages them to shine! It's amazing! I know that Steven is involved in sports outside of school and seems busy, but it hasn't prevented him from turning in all of his homework and actively participating in classroom discussions and activities. Steven always produces high-quality work in the classroom due to the amount of effort and dedication he puts forth. Steven was also nominated in our classroom to be our student council representative. He had the second-highest votes in the class, which says a lot about how his classmates view him. He is genuinely liked not just because he is kind, but because he sincerely cares about his classmates and his school. I can't wait to see how Steven grows throughout this year. I'm already so pleased with his sense of responsibility and school pride!"

From the High School, Rashawn Bloom, a sophomore, was nominated by Karen Jones and Joel Reed. Mrs. Jones shared the following about Rashawn. "I have had the privilege to know for two years: last year, he was in a tutorial class with me; this year, he is in my tenth grade English class. And I have to say, of all my sophomores, it is Mr. Bloom who I was most compelled to nominate this month. In a very brief span of time, it is he who has shown the most growth, character, determination, kindness, and integrity, all qualities I know you admire as much as I do."

"Rashawn has faced all of his classroom tasks with the mindset that if he tries hard enough, he can do it. When he doesn't know something, he will ask. If he falters or makes a mistake, he wants to know how to fix it and make it better. And then, he does it. This mindset has absolutely contributed to his growth and learning in the classroom, and I admire his perseverance. Additionally, it makes him a good role model."

"What I admire most though is how Rashawn is someone who has the power to lift up the students around him. He's a popular young man, and gets along with all types. And frankly, sometimes kids will listen to other kids far more than they'll listen to me! When I saw him independently encouraging another student-- not a best friend, not someone in all of his outside of school activities, just a girl he knows--that she could be more successful by being better organized, I was very gratified. He talked about the kinds of mistakes he made in previous years and then how, when he changed his outlook and methods, he ended up being rewarded for it. That other student listened because Rashawn was so frank: he said that when his things weren't organized in the past, he'd forget to do his homework. Then, he showed her his own system and explained how he used it, encouraging her to do the same. Not only have his grades been outstanding, but his peer leadership has led to others' success."

"Just as I was ready to submit this letter, Mr. Joel Reed, our Assistant Principal, asked me if I had nominated any students yet or if I planned to do so. I told him Rashawn's name, and he broke into an immediate smile. 'That's who I wanted to nominate! Will you please add my name as well?'"

Congratulations to this month's winners! The MTA, MCSD, and the MBA will continue the student of the month program throughout the school year. Be on the lookout for the next honorees in the coming months. Look for posters in the windows of Medina businesses identifying them as proud supporters of this program. Who will be the next outstanding Medina student to be honored?


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