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Medinas' Canal Village Farmers' Market set for 2018-19 Winter Market

December 4, 2018
Press Release

MEDINA - The Canal Village Farmers' Market summer season has come to a close last Saturday. The summer season traditionally finishes at the end of October, but many vendors still have products from the farm available to sell.

However, just because the summer season is over doesn't mean there's still not plenty of fresh product to sell! In light of that,the market started a winter seaon two years ago and will again remain open this year. The hours of operation will again be Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. and for vendors, that's good news.

"We have farm-fresh pork products, bacon, eggs, garlic and fresh garlic powder and much more," said Gail Miller, market manager. "We'll be here every Saturday. We're happy to serve our customer base through the whole year at the market."

Shauna Gardner of Gardner's Gardens will have many products available, many of which she says will make great Christmas gifts.

Artisan Salts from Gardner's Gardens available at the Winter Market- also as part of the Christmas Dinner Raffle prize winnings


"We have gift boxes of artisan flavor-infused salts, using salts from around the world. Some of the blends we have created are Jalapeno Cheddar, Farm Dust all-purpose seasoning and Taragon-Lemon Mediterranean." said Gardner. "We’ll also have a variety of herbs and spices for dipping oils and our own propietary blend of mulling spices."

Other vendors participating and products available include: Baker Farm - Pork: bacon, pork chops, ham, sausage & Beef - steaks, roasts, hamburg, soup bones and more.

Human Farm - Winter Squash - acorn, buttercup, butternut, and more; Broccoli, Kale, Swiss Chard, Cabbage, Potatoes, and more. Gardener's Gardens - Micro Greens, Winter Squash, artisan salts, herbal seasonings, and more.

Kim's Kitchen and Bakery - Dip and seasoning mixes, Cake and Brownie Mixes, Bread Mixes, Hamburg Mixes, Fudge, Vegan and Gluten Free items. Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, Flourless Peanut Butter & Jelly Stuffed Cookies, Pecan Pie Muffins, Peanut Butter Balls, Chocolate Covered Prezels, and more. Gift Jars - Waffle Iron Cookie Mix, Beer Bread Mix, Cookie Mixes, and Quick Bread Mixes, all in jars.

A weekly hot, home-made soup has also been available every Saturday morning. Said Miller, "Its been a welcome addition. So far we've had cheesy potato soup and pizza soup- both absolutely delicious."

Through Saturday, December 15, the market is also holding Christmas Dinner Raffle. Gail Miller said, "A $5 purchase at the market gets you a chance to win a 4lb rib roast, potatoes, artisan salts, cornbread mix, fudge and more. It's really quite a nice prize!"

Last year, the market stayed open right through winter into May and even hosted a pancake breakfast in the spring.

The farmers' market is at the old Bank of America drive-thru building and parking lot, across from the Post Office on West Center Street.



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