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The Albion and Medina Campus Centers of Genesee Community College announce the Fall 2015 Students and Instructors of the Semester.

Each semester, one student and one instructor at each campus center are awarded the honor for outstanding academic or teaching performance.

December 18, 2015


David Jehle has been selected as the Instructor of the Semester at the Albion Campus for the Fall 2015 semester. He teaches Math and Statistics at the Albion Campus, and also teaches at Monroe Community College and Rochester Institute of Technology. David attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY where he received his Bachelor’s Degree. He then went on to SUNY Buffalo for his M.A., and then to RIT for his M.B.A. David resides in Fairport, NY.

When asked about teaching at GCC, David said, “While the technology, facilities and course offerings are excellent, the students make the college.” Keeping to the lighter side of life, he cites the funniest excuse he’s ever heard from a student. “I couldn’t do my online homework because my father hit the cable with the lawnmower.”

He was nominated by a number of students with some of them noting, “Mr. Jehle does a great job ensuring every possible opportunity is given to allow his students to understand what is being presented. He is also the most effective at time management out of all my instructors.” Also, “Mr. Jehle is always trying to help! He uses every day examples so his students can understand better.”

David is married and has three stepsons, two grandchildren, a cat and a dog. His hobbies are cross-country skiing, cycling, hiking, and camping and his favorite books are the “Odd Thomas” series of books by Dean Koontz.

Bailey Papaj has been selected as the Student of the Semester at the Albion Campus for the Fall 2015 semester. Bailey is a full-time student, majoring in Human Services. She plans to graduate in 2017 and would like to go on The College at Brockport to earn her Master’s degree.

The instructor that nominated Bailey shared that, “Bailey is a hard working student. Not only is her work completed on time, it is completed ahead of time. Bailey is quick with a kind word or words of support, to others. Some students have given speeches that have been emotional, and Bailey has been there to support them and let them know how well they have done.”

Bailey notes that the major influences in her life are her high school guidance counselor, who pushed her to keep going, and her mother, who has helped her to “keep my ducks in a row.” She currently volunteers at the community center in her town and she participates in some of the local charities in Buffalo. Her long term goals include earning her degree, obtaining a successful job and eventually having a family. Bailey resides in Holley, NY.


Karen Jones has been selected as the Instructor of the semester at the Medina Campus for the fall 2015 semester. She teaches English at GCC’s Medina Campus Center, and also at Medina High School. Karen received a Master’s in the Art of Teaching from the University of Pittsburgh, and at the completion of her program was selected as a fellow of the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project through the National Writing Project.

Karen felt most rewarded as a teacher when she had a student who had dropped out of school come back to tell her that she had inspired her to get her GED. The student continued on and attended GCC. When asked what she likes about working at GCC, Karen replied, “GCC Medina is like a small family… you very, very quickly feel that these are your people.” Her advice to new instructors is to enjoy the students because they have so much to teach us.

She was nominated by multiple students that promote her as an outstanding teacher with creative ideas and awesome activities. Said one student, “She really goes out of her way to make sure students understand the methods of writing.” The students were very sad to hear that this is her last semester teaching at GCC. They will miss her greatly, as will the entire Medina Campus Center staff.

In her personal time, Karen enjoys gardening and writing. She shares that the best book she ever read was “The Name of The Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss. She also enjoys watching the television series “The West Wing.” She has a wonderful husband, three children and a dog named Marley. As residents of Medina, Karen and her husband are the founders of the website offering an online resource for all things Medina from events to lodging, places of worship to government agencies and much more. (See sidebar story).

Christine Chennell has been selected as the Student of the Semester at the Medina Campus Center for the fall 2015 semester. Christine is a non-traditional student, who decided to attend college because she wanted to change her career path and incorporate her love for animals. She is a Veterinary Technology major with a 4.0 GPA and will graduate in May 2017. She plans to get a job at a shelter clinic or a small animal practice.

The instructor that nominated Christine revealed that she “Has excelled in every assignment she has been given and elevates everyone else in the class. Christine has done this not only by contributing to class discussions and encouraging debates, but also by offering her assistance outside of class with studying and being a sounding board for paper and presentation topics.” Christine has been asked to speak at GCC’s Advisory Council and Board meetings on behalf of the local campus centers and is an active participant in student activities.

Her long term goals are to eventually specialize in behavior or surgery. Christine credits her parents and daughter as being major influences in her life. She has enjoyed her time here at GCC and loves learning and meeting new people. Christine resides in Albion, NY.

In her personal time, Christine enjoys reading and running. She also volunteers at Paws Animal Shelter. Christine’s advice for new college students is to try new things and get involved. She reminds students to, “Always ask for help when you need it!”

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